Пакет 3 All-in-one процедури – мъже с брада


Закупувайки този пакет от 3 процедури спестявате 50%.

Can be shared with a friend.


Therapy for deep cleansing of the face, reduction of pores, clearing of black and white spots, regeneration and radiance of the skin through specially developed serums and controlled vacuum. The service is in 4 steps - Aqua peeling, Multipolar radiofrequency, Ionic lifting and Ultrasound.

Aqua peel - Cleanses and exfoliates the skin in depth from any impurities. Removes blackheads and comedones. 3 types of solutions (exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing) are used to cover the needs of the facial skin in depth. Duration 10-15 minutes.

Multipolar radiofrequency - Heats the skin to 42-43 ° C, which leads to the breakdown of fat in the pores. Stimulates local metabolism and collagen formation. Tightening and lifting of the skin is achieved. Duration 10-15 minutes.

Ultrasound - Improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and accelerates cell vibration. The skin is smoothed and radiant. Duration 10-15 minutes.

Ionic lifting - Represents focused biostimulation of tissues, improving skin turgor and elasticity. Duration 10-15 minutes.

Валидност: 2 месеца от датата на първата процедура.


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Cleansing of the forehead, nose and cheeks area

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