Aqua peeling - the first step for deep cleansing of the face.

Aqua peel

The Clean Face is the first and only cosmetic center in Sofia, which offers a single service - professional facial cleansing. Trust our medical beauticians to get quality service in a few steps.

What is aqua peeling?

Aqua peeling is a patented water peeling system that combines vacuum and specially developed serums. Cleanses and exfoliates the skin in depth from all kinds of impurities. Removes blackheads and comedones.

What effects are achieved with the aqua peeling procedure?

  • Evacuate sebum from the pores and remove blackheads

  • Dissolution of surface keratin

  • Deep cleansing of the skin

  • Exfoliation and removal of dead cells

  • Deep skin hydration

  • Cleaning from urban pollution

Vacuum facial cleansing system

Our professional facial cleaning equipment has the latest generation vacuum system with 10 different power levels. It evacuates sebum from pores and dead cells from the surface skin layer. Unlike manual facial cleansing, using a vacuum system does not injure and inflame the skin and there is virtually no recovery period. That is why aqua peeling is suitable even during the lunch break.

3 different serums suitable for all skin types

Different skin types have their specific needs. The aqua peeling system includes 3 different serums that cover the spectrum of needs of all skin types.

Аква пилинг - суха кожа

Clean & Hidrate

It is used for normal, dry and sensitive skin. The composition is designed to exfoliate, deeply cleanse and hydrate by removing dead cells and making skin smooth, soft and clean.

Exfoliating ingredients: lactic, glycolic, polyglutamic acids, urea, papaya fruit extract.

Pore ​​cleansing ingredients: lavender extract, monarda didima (nettle) leaves, mint leaves, freesia, chamomile blossom, and rosemary leaves.

Moisturizing ingredients: butylglycerol, dipropylamine, lycol.

Аква пилинг - clean and oil free

Clean & Oilfree

It is used for oily and acne prone skin. Emulsification and removal of sebum from oily skin, extraction of comedones and therapy for blackheads. It has powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Salicylic and glutamic acids gently clean the pores and remove sebum.

Ingredients for acne: extract of: lavender, monarda didima leaves, mint leaves, freesia, chamomile blossom, rosemary leaves.

Ingredients to remove blackheads: polyglutamic and salicylic acids, camphor.

Pore ​​cleansing ingredients: camphor.

Аква пилинг - чувствителна кожа

Clean & Hyaluron

It is an infiltration of hydrating and active ingredients. Contains highly enriched with growth factors substances, used after application of Clean & Hydrate or Clean & Oilfree, provides hydration with hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides and nutrients.

Active ingredients: EGF - epidermal growth factors (powerful action to restore epithelial cells), galactomyces enzyme (fermentative substance).

How does is aqua peeling procedure done?

The face is thoroughly cleaned of available makeup. According to the condition and type of skin, the appropriate serums are selected and the power level of the vacuum system is determined. The procedure can then be started. The whole face is crawled, paying special attention to the most problematic areas - forehead, nose, chin. The procedure is not painful, a pleasant massage effect from the vacuum system is felt. Finally, apply the cream. It can be combined with multipolar radiofrequency, ultrasound and ionic lifting.

Price for aqua peeling of the face in Sofia

In The Clean Face you have the opportunity to choose the steps from our program! Why pay for something your skin doesn't need? With us the price for aqua peeling is BGN 25, but when buying a package it can drop to BGN 15. Full information about the prices of the services we offer can be found on the page with our pricelist.

Where can you get an aqua peeling of the face in Sofia?

Visit The Clean Face beauty center, located in the heart of Sofia - 2 Arsenalski Blvd., Park Center Sofia, floor 0. More details can be found on the page for contact.


How often can the aqua peeling procedure be done?

It depends on the condition of the skin. For people living in cities with dirtier air such as Sofia and Pernik, it is appropriate to do it every month, regardless of skin type. For oily and acne-prone skin, deep facial cleansing is required every 2 weeks.

What serum is appropriate for me?

For dry skin we recommend Clean & Hydrate, and for oily - Clean & Oilfree. Our medical beauticians can determine the type of your skin and choose the most appropriate therapy for it.

How long is the recovery after aqua peeling of the face?

Unlike manual cleaning, there is no recovery period for face cleansing with a machine. You can perform your procedure during your lunch break.

Reviews for The Clean Face

  • The Clean Face is the place where I often spend my lunch break. My skin regains its radiance, and the best part is that I don't even have to put on makeup after that!

    Vesela, 24, Sofia
  • Since I was little, I have oily and acne-prone skin. Manual cleaning by a beautician requires at least 2 days for me to recover. Then I learned about hardware cleaning with aquapiling and decided to give it a try. I am very pleased.

    Gergana, 33, Sofia
  • I have been doing hardware facial cleansing for years and so I keep my skin radiant and hydrated. I want to thank the team of The Clean Face for their professionalism and wish them many more successes!

    Preslava, 47, Sofia
  • I have oily skin that requires regular cleansing. Friends recommended The Clean Face and I paid a visit, after which I was very pleased. It's great that they offer partial cleansing for men with beards. I recommend.

    Stoyan, 34, Sofia
4/5 - (32 гласа)

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