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The Clean Face is a concept that offers a single service – facial cleansing with an all-in-one solution device.

If you are looking for deep face cleansing, minimazing pores, elimination of blackheads and regeneration of the skin through specially developed serums and controlled vacuum – The Clean Face is for you!

In case you are not a fan of manual facial cleansing by a beautician – try The Clean Face!

The procedure is performed in 4 steps – aqua peeling, lifting, multipolar radio frequency and ultrasound.

You can take care of yourself with all 4 steps or choose just one of them.

It is recommended to visit a professional facial cleanser once a month to have healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

What is The Clean Face?

  • Suitable facial cleansing procedure for all skin types
  • Removes comedones and blackheads
  • Improves complexion
  • Removes fine lines
  • Hydrates the skin in depth
  • Reflects on pigmentation
  • Exfoliates
  • Fast and pleasant procedure
  • Completely safe and painless technology
Ion Lifting
Multipolar RF
Aqua Peeling

Who is the procedure suitable for?

The procedures performed at The Clean Face have no contraindications or seasonal restrictions and are perfectly suitable for people of all ages and skin types.
The effect that the device aims at is deep cleansing and hydration of the face and visible refreshment and improvement of the overall appearance of the skin.

When to expect a visible effect of the procedure?

Immediately after the first procedure there is a visible refreshment of the face, the skin is cleansed and deeply hydrated.

How many procedures are needed and in what time interval?

The recommended course of procedures depends on the individual needs of your skin and is determined during consultation with a specialist. Normally, one procedure a month is enough to cleanse and hydrate the face, but for problematic skin it may be necessary to apply once a week to achieve the desired result.

How many procedures are needed and in what time interval?

Unlike chemical peels, which can cause pain, redness and general discomfort in the treated area, Aqua peeling is a completely painless and relaxing procedure.

price list



Aqua Peeling

(10-15 мин.)

20 BGN

Multipolar RF

(10-15 мин.)

20 BGN


(10-15 мин.)

20 BGN

Ion Lifting

(10-15 мин.)

20 BGN


(30-40 мин.)

60 BGN

3 procedures pack

150 BGN

6 procedures pack

280 BGN

3+1 procedures pack

180 BGN.

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